Enclozure thrillz

Enclozure Thrillz is a global contemporary brand, that caters for women’s wears..We are an all-inclusive brand that caters to the style of every woman. Our beautiful contemporary outfits are tailored to excellence to bring different styles to life and make you feel confident about yourself.

Our goal as a brand is to create unique contemporary designs for every woman out there, infusing vibrant and alluring colours when creating our timeless pieces. We are in business to make you feel confident and beautiful wearing “Enclozure Thrillz.”


Our mission is to create timeless and functional pieces, made with the best quality fabrics for affordable prices. The world is getting smaller; we want our women to dress in style, class, and experience unique designs every other day.
We are in business to create value through fashion.
At Enclozure Thrillz, your dreams are possible and we hope every purchase inspires you to follow your dreams.

Joan Tulagha Creative Director, Enclozure Thrillz

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